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Vestavia Sports Headlines

Week 3 Rankings out
1/13/2010  3:05:25 PM post response | read responses (5991) like it? (1756 people liked this)

VHYBasketball Resumes
1/9/2010  11:56:41 PM
Great crowds as usual came today at East Gym watching all the 3rd graders play...A few big games starting out 2010 lived up to their billing. Celtics took on undefeated and 1 ranked Hawks and took em 28-24 in a nail biter. Bobcats lose in an upset agains Mareks Pistons... post response | read responses (302) like it? (3106 people liked this)

Week 2 Interviews VHYBasketball 3rd Grade
12/16/2009  8:33:17 AM

click video to enlarge Go to Youth Sports and Rankings to see the latest results for Basketball in the Vestavia Youth League (3rd Grade). post response | read responses (6053) like it? (2984 people liked this)

Lakers / Dieguez takes Heat/Pietrantoni down
12/12/2009  7:33:28 PM
15-8 Lakers....It is final post response | read responses (1) like it? (3223 people liked this)

Pietrantoni taking on Dieguez in 2nd grade Baskets this week
12/9/2009  12:14:59 PM
Two Coaches will meet for the first time this weekend in which surely will be a rivalry for many years. Dieguez, sporting a 36-3 record over the past three season in sports takes on Coach Pietrantoni who moved to the 2nd grade this year in sports (Basketball) and has a career 342-22 record. The game is at 2 pm at West Gym this Saturday and hopefully we get comments from both Coaches after the game. Coach Pietrantoni commented on the new slate of Coaches that he has to get used to, "Yes, moving to the 2nd grade group has disadvantages since Coach Dieguez knows the players but we have practiced every single day this week preparing for his team. I do not think he knows what he is about to get and hopefully we will execute and let him know there is a new Sheriff in town". Coach Dieguez commented, "Bring it." Wow... post response like it? (3081 people liked this)

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