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Vestavia Sports Headlines

3rd Grade League now moves to EAST for remainder of games.
12/7/2009  8:14:10 PM
3rd Grade league opened at the Rec Center on opening day but all future games will be played at East School Gym. There is no concession stand. post response like it? (4085 people liked this)

12/5/2009  10:24:39 PM
GO TO YOUTH SPORTS for the final scores and new rankings in 3rd Grade Rec Ball....great opening day for the teams... post response like it? (4073 people liked this)

Vestavia Youth Basketball Tips off this week
12/3/2009  11:00:56 AM
The Rec League of Vestavia Hills begins a full schedule this weekend and many Gyms around the city. post response like it? (2466 people liked this)

Fall Ball Baseball Ends for 9s...Hand vs Dinga played to a tie in Finals
11/25/2009  11:55:18 AM
What began as 8 teams in the fall playing Sand lot baseball (no scores kept, heavy rotations) turned into a battle of all battles that ended Fall Ball season for 9s in 2009. Hand vs Dinga played a real game that had all the likings of what baseball would be like in the Spring. And it was a barn burner. Final Score 5-5 after Hands team (the Red Hots) stole home to tie the game with 2 outs in the bottom of the last inning. Dinga stated after the game "Hand is a handful!". Hand used sign language constantly throughout the game and lets say it was great ending for the boys and even the Coaches. Co-Champs for fall... post response like it? (5697 people liked this)

Vestavia Red 90 lb takes Title
11/25/2009  11:41:43 AM
For the second straight year, Vestavia takes the title in Youth Football over the Oak Mountain first team. This is a great story since Vestavia splits their teams evenly (3 of them ) and takes the first team of Oak Mountain down for the second straight year. Coach Barrentine congrats! Great job... post response | read responses (4050) like it? (1945 people liked this)

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