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VH Basketball - 3rd Grade Basketball

 Weekly Predictions  Current Predictions Record: 58% (W 25 - L 18)

 Celtics-Dinga |  Colton  Lewis  

Q: Favorite Position
A: I play every position
Q: Favorite Thing you like doing on the Court
A: Dunking with one hand over 2 defenders
Q: Most important game you have played in
A: The one I am about to play
Q: What did you eat for Dinner
A: Nails and any metal I could find
Q: Why
A: this is who I am.Metal, Steel, Iron...I am IRON MAN
Colton scored a record 34 points and 32 Rebounds last year in one game. Nobody scored a point on him while playing defense Man to Man in three years.



3rd Grade Playoffs

Division 1

Single Elimination

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

9 Celtics 24
East Gym
2/11/2010 8:00 PM
Heat 20
13 Celtics
East Gym
2/18/2010 7:00 PM
West Gym
2/20/2010 11:30 AM
2 Heat 21
East Gym
2/9/2010 7:00 PM
Suns 17
3 Hawks 21
East Gym
2/11/2010 6:00 PM
Knicks 9
10 Hawks 21
East Gym
2/16/2010 7:00 PM
Lakers 11
11 Pistons 15
East Gym
2/16/2010 6:00 PM
Bobcats 14
14 Pistons
East Gym
2/18/2010 6:00 PM
6 76ers 13
East Gym
2/9/2010 8:00 PM
Bobcats 19
7 Cavaliers 17
East Gym
2/9/2010 6:00 PM
Bulls 27
12 Bulls 27
East Gym
2/11/2010 7:00 PM
Magic 32


Magic takes title in 2010 37-31

2/20/2010  2:13:52 PM

Magic are the Champions of 2010 and Coach Cherry and crew played a great game.  The Hawks down 21-9 at the half came storming back and got within 2 pts with one minute left but could not overcome the powerful first half of  the Magic.  Garrison Cherry played a great game and John Womack put up 4 huge points to deliver a win for the team..........Hawks played magnificent down the ...  >>read more>>

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Hawks and Magic make it to the Finals this Saturday

2/18/2010  9:23:01 PM

11:00 at West  Gyim ....Last game of the season and it will be a good one...


Hawks take down the Celtics and stopped their undefeated run since 2008-2009 season...Luke Couch and the team played magnificent and the Magic hung on a late run against the Pistons in a close battle.

Congrats to a great season of basketball this year.  We have a ...  >>read more>>

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Pistons and Hawks make it to the Final Four

2/16/2010  8:35:49 PM

Pistons vs Magic  meet in the Final Four and Hawks vs Celtics are on tap to meet Thursday night (6:00, 7:00 pm) to find out who goes to Saturdays Finals...

Hawks looked solid against the Lakers.   And Pistons had a tough one against the Bobcats with Nix and Anderson leading the way or the Detroit team.  

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Magic, Celtics make it to the Final Four..

2/11/2010  9:30:57 PM

Magic and Celtics had tough games Thursday night (both were come from behind victories) but as predicted, the two top seeded teams are in the Final Four.  There are two more games this Tuesday to fill in the 2 remaining spots (Hawks vs Lakers) and (Bobcats vs Pistons)..

Two great matchups are Tuesday an to say who is favorite in any of the two games is a tough debate. 

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Sixers, Cavaliers, Suns are out

2/9/2010  9:52:55 PM

 9 teams left....3 gone in the single elimination playoff for the 3rd grade basketball league...

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Brackets are official..Playoffs begin Tuesday the 9th

2/8/2010  7:09:33 PM

 3 games on board for the Basket playoffs.......All games will be at East Gym except for the Finals which will be played at West gym.  ....Updates will be out on Tuesday on the scores..

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Regular Season comes to an end

2/7/2010  6:55:46 AM

Celtics go undefeated and take the 1 seed heading into the playoffs. Announcement of Official Seedings will be Sunday.. 

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Final Week of Regular Season this Week

2/4/2010  9:32:30 PM

3rd Grade Basketball Regular Season ends this weekend.  Playoffs (see brackets on site) begins Tuesday..

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Baskets --Player of the week goes to two players on the 23rd of Jan

1/23/2010  5:53:34 PM

 Link to Players of the Week


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UNREAL! Great Games throughout East

1/23/2010  3:54:49 PM

Matchup of the week was the morning game between Magic and Celtics.  The two undefeated teams left.  9 am start usually brings little fans..Standng Room Only and it was a good one..Back and Forth and Celtics take it in a close one  22-20.  Both team played great and this was not all that happened worth talking about today at East Gym.

Suns came in to face the ...  >>read more>>

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Celtics/Dinga have a Cherry Pie Eating Contest

1/19/2010  12:26:09 PM

Leading up to the Magic/Cherry vs Celtics/Dinga game, the Celtics went to a Cherry Picking Farm, walked through the fields and learned all they could about Cherry.  Afterwards, they learned to eat up every Cherry they can find and learned to leave nothing on the plate.    

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Classic Ending BobCats/Magic

1/17/2010  9:14:21 AM

Magic/Bobcats had a overtimee/sudden death battle this past weekend.  Garrison Cherry  gets the game winner for the Magic and kept their undefeated streak intact.


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VICE/Manush Matchup

1/15/2010  2:16:43 PM

 At 2:00 on Saturday, two guys will face off that will be a classic matchup.  Andrew Manush and Michael Vice will face each other and the question is, who will score more points in the game.


at 1:00 Luke Couch faces cousin Weyman Prater in a nice matchup as well.  Weyman Prater was quoted Thursday night in practice stating he will take care of Luke and he ...  >>read more>>

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VHYBasketball Resumes

1/9/2010  11:56:41 PM

Great crowds as usual came today at East Gym watching all the 3rd graders play...A few big games starting out 2010 lived up to their billing. Celtics took on undefeated and 1 ranked Hawks and took em 28-24 in a nail biter. Bobcats lose in an upset agains Mareks Pistons...
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Week 2 Interviews VHYBasketball 3rd Grade

12/16/2009  8:33:17 AM

Go to Youth Sports and Rankings to see the latest results for Basketball in the Vestavia Youth League (3rd Grade).

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Lakers / Dieguez takes Heat/Pietrantoni down

12/12/2009  7:33:28 PM

15-8 Lakers....It is final
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Pietrantoni taking on Dieguez in 2nd grade Baskets this week

12/9/2009  12:14:59 PM

Two Coaches will meet for the first time this weekend in which surely will be a rivalry for many years. Dieguez, sporting a 36-3 record over the past three season in sports takes on Coach Pietrantoni who moved to the 2nd grade this year in sports (Basketball) and has a career 342-22 record. The game is at 2 pm at West Gym this Saturday and hopefully we get comments from both Coaches after the ...  >>read more>>
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3rd Grade League now moves to EAST for remainder of games.

12/7/2009  8:14:10 PM

3rd Grade league opened at the Rec Center on opening day but all future games will be played at East School Gym. There is no concession stand.
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12/5/2009  10:24:39 PM

GO TO YOUTH SPORTS for the final scores and new rankings in 3rd Grade Rec Ball....great opening day for the teams...
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Fall Ball Baseball Ends for 9s...Hand vs Dinga played to a tie in Finals

11/25/2009  11:55:18 AM

What began as 8 teams in the fall playing Sand lot baseball (no scores kept, heavy rotations) turned into a battle of all battles that ended Fall Ball season for 9s in 2009. Hand vs Dinga played a real game that had all the likings of what baseball would be like in the Spring. And it was a barn burner. Final Score 5-5 after Hands team (the Red Hots) stole home to tie the game with 2 outs in ...  >>read more>>
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Coaches polls
Which team is league's biggest rival that they would like to beat. (surveyed by Coaches)

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