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UNREAL! Great Games throughout East 1/23/2010  3:54:49 PM

Matchup of the week was the morning game between Magic and Celtics.  The two undefeated teams left.  9 am start usually brings little fans..Standng Room Only and it was a good one..Back and Forth and Celtics take it in a close one  22-20.  Both team played great and this was not all that happened worth talking about today at East Gym.

Suns came in to face the Strong Hawks.   Coach Jones and the Suns played the Hawks wire to wire and showed the league that there is a team worth watching heading into the playoffs.  If it was not Boris Lu, Mills McWhorter, Duncan Jones, or a Jake Haston and oh yeah, the Overtime Star of James Hancock, then it was Mr. Steady John Kelly...The Suns move up huge this week in the rankings and watch out 3rd grade League..The Suns seem to get stronger as Spring gets closer.


Another comment about another game or let me say team.  The Lakers are quietly having a great season and now are a few games away of wining the Division.  They have two of the top teams left to face but they control their destiny..They win the next two..they are the Division Champs.  Good games all around and every team is getting better each week.  Tremendous talent in our age group and such a close bunch of kids.

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