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Celtics/Dinga have a Cherry Pie Eating Contest 1/19/2010  12:26:09 PM

Leading up to the Magic/Cherry vs Celtics/Dinga game, the Celtics went to a Cherry Picking Farm, walked through the fields and learned all they could about Cherry.  Afterwards, they learned to eat up every Cherry they can find and learned to leave nothing on the plate.    

· comment submitted by: RZLAMdE   on 7/14/2023 10:28:12 PM
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· comment submitted by: Shaq   on 1/20/2010 9:17:06 PM
I understand members of Team Magic have been eating dingaberries every mornng for breakfast this week. While green in color, these dingaberries are sweet tasting and not too filling!

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