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Rankings - 2013 Vestavia Basketball - 6th grade

Archived Rankings

Final Four

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Brooklyn-Dinga
13-2 Brooklyn won Division, won another league they played in (7th and 8th grader league) and now they have one last goal to fulfill their season...Tournament Champion...This should be a major task but they have shown they are highly capable of taking on the toughest challenges...
2 Lakers-Stephenson
12-3 Lakers are now in the Final Four again and have the goods on winning the whole thing...Next up Williams and the only game they faced against them, was a loss..should be a doozy on Monday night....rematch...winner goes to the Finals
3 Mammas Boys
4 Grizzlies-Williams
8-7 2nd longest winning streak currently goes to the Grizzlies and deservingly so...Lakers are in the way for a Finals show and they have been practicing day in and day out for this big Monday night...
5 Knicks-Haston
6 Wildcats-Fitch
7-6 One of the best candidates for Coach of the Year this year. For a first time Coach, Coach Fitch put together a great season for the kids and battled in every game. Top 6 finish in a highly competitive league. Watch out for Fitch next that he is not a rookie....great year, with great games every week..Jalen Henderson was excellent and shows signs of a superstar basketball player. This will be the first player to dunk in our grade..FOR SURE!
6 Spurs-Kirkendall
6 Heat-Hand and Lowery
5-9 Hand/Lowery had a heckuva team with a lot of chemisty...made it to the Elite 8 but had Brooklyn for the 2nd time in a week and simply could not get passed the New Yorkers...great year for this Liberty Park based team...
9 Celtics-Spain
4-9 Pre Season predictions had Spains Celtics heading to the Final Four. If there was a shocker for the season, it has to go to the Celtics..cant figure it out but certainly not expected finishing 4-9 and out after one game in the tournament....9 is the finish grade out of 11..
10 Sonic BOOM-Jones
11 Thunder-Knowlton

Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Brooklyn-Dinga  (11) 121
2 Lakers-Stephenson 110
3 Mammas Boys 99
4 Grizzlies-Williams 88
5 Knicks-Haston 77
6 Wildcats-Fitch 66
6 Spurs-Kirkendall 66
7 Heat-Hand and Lowery 66
9 Celtics-Spain 33
10 Sonic BOOM-Jones 22
11 Thunder-Knowlton 11


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