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Rankings - Vestavia Baseball 2012 - 5th Grade

Archived Rankings

Rankings are submitted by a host of scouts at the ballpark.

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Tigers (Brooks)
14-3 The Tigers beat the Cardinals in the Championship game 11-1. Carter Gill remains hot at the mound the whole game. The Tigers are hitting top to bottom of their order & making very few errors. They played very well! Congrats to the Coach Brooks and the Tigers for a very good season!
2 Cardinals (Prater)
8-9 The Cardinals played well defensively, but made more errors than the Tigers and didn't hit the ball in the pockets like the Tigers. They left too many on base & couldn't get the runs in. Congrats to the Cardinals for making it to the Championship Game.
3 Braves (Manush)
2-14 The Braves gave up 4 runs in the first inning, then they started hitting the ball well & making very good defensive plays...but it was too late. They held the Cardinals at 6, but they couldn't bring around enough runs to get ahead. The Braves improved greatly during the year & showed it during the finals. Out in 2nd round
4 Phillies (Bishop)
10-6 The Phillies pitch Benjamin Williams, Jackson Smith & Cooper Bishop. The game got tied up, but the Tigers kept hitting well and made it hard for the Phillies to make the plays. The Phillies made some great plays, but they just couldn't catch up with the Tigers. Out in 2nd round
5 Twins (Fisher)
11-4 The Twins lose to the Braves in the first round of the playoffs. 1-6- out for season. Congrats on finishing 11-4 for the season!
6 Dodgers (Cacace)
7-7-1 The Dodgers lose in the first round of playoffs to the Cardinals 1-9- out for season; final record: 7-7-1
6 Rangers (Fowler)
5-9-1 Rangers out in round one. 4-7 against the Phillies
7 Yankees (Head)
5-10 Yankees lose to the Tigers again...ten run ruled this time 14-4 in 4th inning

Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Tigers (Brooks)  (8) 64
2 Cardinals (Prater) 56
3 Braves (Manush) 48
4 Phillies (Bishop) 40
5 Twins (Fisher) 32
6 Rangers (Fowler) 24
6 Dodgers (Cacace) 24
8 Yankees (Head) 16


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