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Rankings - Vestavia Baseball 2011 - 9 yr olds

Archived Rankings

Its getting tight down the stretch. With just over a week left in the regular season some of the mighty have fallen and many losing streaks have been turned around. It looks like we are in for a spectacular finish to the regular season.

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Phillies
10-3 What an offense. This is still the team to watch at the plate. Everbody hits. Everbody runs the bases. Everybody scores. Phillies win.....but two recent losses may be cause for concern.
2 Dodgers
9-3-1 The Dodgers turn it around against the Thunder and Rangers to move up the rankings.
3 Mudcats
10-4 You knew the Mudcats would show up in a big way soon. The bats are hot and the defense is making the big plays. This team will continue to climb the rankings.
3 Rangers
9-4 Tough losses down the stretch keep the Rangers out of the top spot. Ran into a tough Dodgers team this weekend.
3 Angels
8-5 Angels continue to play well to climb the rankings.
4 Thunder
7-6 The Thunder has been playing well but slip a little this weekend.
5 Yankees
7-6 Yankees better get back on track quickly if they want to be a contender. Tough loss against Phils.
5 Storm
7-6 Lack of consistency continues to be an issue for the Storm, but they still have the tools to win.
6 Braves
5-7-1 A tie won't get it done. Braves need a win, but doesn't happen this weekend.
6 Cubs
5-8 The Cubs have got to get their bats going to stay at the top. Austin Anderson continues to play well and Oren Ford had a big weekend.
7 Indians
3-9-1 Getting better every week and at the right time.
8 Astros
3-10 Better pitching, but lack of offense plagues Astros. gave the Phillies a run for their money.
9 Mets
0-12-1 A tie is not a loss. Still no wins though.

Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Phillies  (13) 169
2 Dodgers 156
3 Mudcats 143
3 Rangers 143
4 Angels 143
6 Thunder 130
7 Yankees 117
7 Storm 117
9 Braves 104
9 Cubs 104
11 Indians 91
12 Astros 78
13 Mets 65


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