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Rankings - VH Basketball - 3rd Grade Basketball

Archived Rankings

Sean Smyth , Jonathon Hand--Player of the Week

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Celtics-Dinga
8-1 3rd in Playoffs--Division Champs Undefeated Regular Season. 2 years in a row. Playoffs are the only thing left for the Green Guys....Great run and sooner or later, someone is going to have their day with them..For now, Celtics at 1..
2 Magic-Cherry
9-1 CHAMPIONS PLAYOFFS --2nd in Division Coach Cherry's Magic played an excellent game against the Lakers. The Game plan was immaculate and Coach Cherry is ready for their playoff run. The question is, do they want the Celtics in the finals for redemption? or do they want an easier road and hope the Celtics get taken out before the finals (which will be the only way these two can meet up since the brackets have them on the other side....If possible, Coach Cherry, we would like to know your honest opinion...Hargrove had a big game for the Magic on Saturday and Cicero did great on the Boards...Cherry played and shot great today as well. Magic are a final 4 team..WRITE IT DOWN.
3 Pistons-Marek
6-3 3rd in Playoffs--3rd in Division .Coach Marek sending text messages to some Coaches stating "you better watch out, the Pistons are coming!"...Pistons have some confidence heading into the playoffs and the team has been playing well...Magic is a matchup in a few days to watch could happen...Pistons are a Final 4 team. Write it down..
4 Hawks-Couch
7-4 RUNNE UP PLAYOFFS- 5th in Division Coach Couch took Vestavia Village aside after the game and wanted an interview. He wanted to tell us that he went up to Coach Dinga and asked him how they win...the comment was, "Buy Basketball Book for Dummies". Coach Couch is heading to Books a Million on Sunday. He believes this team can win but he needs some Cliff Notes...With this book in his hand (lets see if he has it with him next game)..BEWARE...Will he have it? We shall see..a WIN will almost be a guarantee if so.
5 Lakers-Stephenson
4-4 OUT..5th place in playoffs Lakers had a difficult time with the Magic and have to head back to LA and see what changes they can make. 5 pts per half is not going to get them many wins...Playoff time is here and they have a good side bracket wise to get find a way to the Finals..
5 BobCats-Evans
4-5 OUT..5th place in playoffs BobCats are a good team....Coach Evans has signed to Coach Baseball and we wonder if he can handle two things at once....Rivercats is the baseball name? BobCats are his basketball..he must like Cats...dont know why.....Dogs are better..:)
6 Heat-Bryant
4-5 OUT Michael Vice and David Spain might be the best 1, 2 Combo in the league. At least lately. If this team can bring it up just a bit more, the Heat could be the team to watch out for to make a run in the playoffs..Up to 6..
6 Cavaliers-Peterson
3-5 OUT Cavaliers pull off a nice win against a tough Hawks team. Sean Smyth had a few plays he wrote up and the Coach took it looked at it and went with it. Smyth has moved to not only their "go to " man, but now has an added position of Director of Plays...Cavaliers are playing decent ball...Interesting if they can keep it up..
9 Suns-Jones
3-5 OUT Coach Jones and the Suns head into the playoffs with a tough bracket line up. According to the unofficial brackets, they get the BobCats then the Celtics...Not a good lineup for anyone...Lets see what the Suns can do during playoff time..
10 76ers-Turner
2-6 OUT Jonathon Hand had a great game against the Celtics putting up 14 point for the 76ers. Best output from anyone and gets the Player of the Week honors along with his pal Sean Smyth. Hand gave the Sixers a chance against the Celts but his team heads into the playoffs knowing that they are playing better and can win anywhere anytime.
11 Knicks-Schick
0-8 OU Knicks are a close bunch of kids and never quit. Riley Akins showed his great leadership and they almost pulled the comeback this past Saturday. Playoff time...everyone is 0-0...lets see if the Knicks can pull up a few Ws..
12 Bulls-Hill
3-6 OUT Bulls need to restart. They have the talent but the confidence and will to turn this around is lacking. Knicks show more heart, sorry..Knicks move to 11 and Bulls need to play harder. They have the talent to win most of the games they play...

Player of the week===Sean Smyth and Jonathon Hand Week 7

Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Celtics-Dinga  (12) 144
2 Magic-Cherry 132
3 Pistons-Marek 120
4 Hawks-Couch 108
5 Lakers-Stephenson 96
5 BobCats-Evans 96
7 Cavaliers-Peterson 84
7 Heat-Bryant 84
9 Suns-Jones 48
10 76ers-Turner 36
11 Knicks-Schick 24
12 Bulls-Hill 12


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