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Rankings - 09 VHYB Baseball - 6 & Under 2009

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Mud Cats
10-1-1 The Mud Cats are on a roll and are now alone in the $1 spot!!
2 Rangers
9-2-1 Much needed win for the Rangers... gets them back in the top 3 rankings... I have not heard, but Coach Marek must have been back!! Rumor has it, Rangers only gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning... great defense... Dobbins and Merek were quite the pitcher/1st base duo!!
3 River Cats
9-2-1 River Cats are continuing on with their winning streak!!! Watch this team in the playoffs!! What a big win against the River Dogs... how many pop flys did that pitcher catch?? Was it 6 in one inning???
4 Braves
5 Nationals
7-3-2 Great game for the Nationals!! Their pitcher might be the best in the league!! Great game against the Red Sox.
6 Rockhounds
6-6 Rockhounds play another close game, but come up short.
7 Sand Gnats
6-6 Check it out! 2 wins in a row for the Sand Gnats!! Coach Alexander has to be excited his team is performing so well!
8 Blue Jays
3-8 The Blue Jays losing streak is definitely over!! Anorther win! Congrats to Jackson Halla and Cole Spain for their home runs!
9 Dodgers
3-7-2 Tough loss today, but it was against the #1 team... they were determined to take over that spot! Great job for holding them to only 22 runs!
10 Red Sox
2-8-1 Tough loss for the Red Sox against the Sand Gnats. However, there was great hitting out there tonight. Big homeruns by Garrett Smith and David Hargrove!
11 Muck Dogs
3-8 Another tough loss for the Muck Dogs!
12 Sidewinders
2-7-2 Another great game at the ballpark tonight! Tied the Dodgers!
13 River Dogs
2-10 Tough loss for the River Dogs... but Jacob Newman playing 1st base made an awesome double play during the first inning!

Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Mud Cats  (13) 169
2 Rangers 156
3 River Cats 143
4 Braves 130
5 Nationals 117
6 Rockhounds 104
7 Sand Gnats 91
8 Blue Jays 78
9 Dodgers 65
10 Red Sox 52
11 Muck Dogs 39
12 Sidewinders 26
13 River Dogs 13


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