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Rankings - 08 VH Youth League - '08 VHYB 7U

Rank Team Record Change Notes
1 Phillies
6-9 Champions At the beginning of the season, the first game played at 9am on the beautiful Saturday was BULLS vs Phillies. The final outcome was 29-5, Bulls. It was the worst beating of the year for any team this season. Coach Gill walked to the parking lot in shock, trying to figure out what happened and what he did wrong to get beat so convincingly. 60 plus days later, they are in the finals...against the Bulls. Phillies, being a 12th seed, with a losing record gave them little hope. But, what transpired over the next week was a memorable and priceless book that one would believe should be placed in the fiction area of a library. The Phillies beat the heavily favored Bulls to end the season. REDEMPTION, PAYBACK and made many believers that any team can beat anyone on any given day if you simply believe. Coach GIll, congrats! Phillies congrats. HUGE WIN!
2 Bulls
14-1 Lost 17-16
3 Rockhounds
12-3 Lost in the Final Four Wow
3 Nationals
5 Storm
10-5 Eliminated 3rd Round by Phils great record ..they are not pleased with their final game but should be in regards to the season
5 Rangers
9-6 Eliminated in the 3rd Round by Nats Expected more out of this Congrats to Sean Ranier for the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award
5 Dodgers
7-8 Eliminated in the 3rd Rd Shoulda woulda coulda. Congrats to James Howell for the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award
5 Orioles
7-8 Eliminated in the 3rd Rd good finish
9 MuckDogs
9-6 Eliminated in the 2nd Rd Congrats to Tate Ferguson for winning the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award
9 Red Sox
7-8 ELIMINATED in 2nd Rd by Dodgers 25-14 FINISHED 9th Congrats to Boyd McWhorter for winning the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award
9 Diamondbacks
7-8 ELIMINATED 2nd ROUND of Playoffs by Orioles 14-6 FINISHED 9th (tied)
9 Cubs
2-13 ADVANCE TO 2nd Rd after beating Marlins 8-6
13 Marlins
6-9 ELIMINATED 1st Round of Playoffs by CUBS 8-6 FINISHED 13th Congrats to Conyers Webster for winning the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award
13 Yankees
0-15 ELIMINATED 1st Round by PHILS 11-10 Finished 13th Congrats to Matthew Saia for winnings the Sammy Dunn Team Player Award

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Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Votes
1 Phillies  (14) 196
2 Bulls 182
3 Nationals 168
3 Rockhounds 168
5 Dodgers 140
5 Orioles 140
6 Rangers 140
7 Storm 140
9 Red Sox 84
9 MuckDogs 84
10 Cubs 84
11 Diamondbacks 84
13 Yankees 28
13 Marlins 28


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