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Player of the Week

Player Week of Notes  
GARRISON ed CHERRY 2/20/2010

The Magic won the finals but nothing could be sweeter of getting the Player of the Week honor during the Championship week and game.  Garrison Cherry did it all...Passing, Shooting, Scoring and Captained the team to the Championship.  It was a full team effort to win the Championship but Garrison showed leadership that all winning teams must have...

Jonathon Hand 2/6/2010

Hand scored 14 pts for the 76ers and played a great game against the tough Celtics.  Great Job Jonathon.  Hand made important shots to keep the game close.  Some shots were in 3 pt land...Although it did not count as a three pointer, he was 2 of 3 deep beyond the 3 pt line..

Sean Smyth 2/6/2010

The Cavaliers got a classic Sean Smyth showing against the tough Hawks and because of this, gets the Player of the Week honors on the last week of the season.  Sean Smyth slowed down the fast shooting Hawks and shot well throughout the game.  Sean gets the nod and even though it was the 2nd game of the day, Vestavia Village knew stated reserving his shirt for him..  Good Job Sean..

Paul Michael Hargrove 1/23/2010

Paul Michael Hargrove showed 3rd graders that there is a new Sheriff in town.  Paul Michael one handedly scored at will, out rebounded and showed that Basketball is his gig.  Although the win column did not turn out for the Magic (we know Paul Michael would have traded this award for a win for the team), he gets the nod for Player of the Week due to his dominant performance.  Congrats Paul Michael.

John Hancock / Suns 1/23/2010

 John Hancock played a solid game against a tough Hawks team.  With the award of Player of the Week already handed out to Paul Michael Hargrove, Vestavia Village was about to leave luckily, before heading out, saw the overtime game turn into a one man show ..and the one man show was named John Hancock.  He rebounded, he creates turnovers and he shot an important jumper  and scored free throws in overtime to overtake the tie game and give the Suns the biggest win of the year....Beating the Hawks is not easy and many thought this team would win by 10...or more...Hancock said no to the predictions and congrats to James..

Michael Vice 1/16/2010

Michael Vice gets the Player of the Week honors for his gutty performance against the tough Lakers.  Scoring 16 pts and working without thier Point Guard (David Span)--out due to sickness, Michael took his team to finish with almost the upset win of the week.  Great Performance on both sides of the ball.  Andrew Manush wanted to eliminate Vice from any points this week and Vice had other ideas.   Scoring a league high 16 pts, Vice gets the nod this week.  T Shirt on the way for Michael Vice! 

Honorable Mentions


Sean Smyth

John Kelly

Garrison Cherry

Celtics Team (team) 1/14/2010

 With the Celtics having 5 players score, all 7 got rebounds and all 7 gave an assist, we have to give the player of the week honors to the Celtics for beating the third undefeated team they played and the Hawks, well, are simply the best team ever put together.  They did it and they gave 100 percent throughout the game.  Great Job Celtics..

Luke Couch 12/12/2009

Luke Couch gets the nod with leading his team offensively with 26 pts. Luke was unconscious throughout the game missing few and making many. Great Job Luke getting the 2nd week of the seasons Player of the Week.



Honorable Mention

Andrew Manush

Colton Lewis 12/5/2009

Opening Day, award goes to Colton Lewis for scoring 16 pts and leading the Celtics to a tough win against Mareks Pistons. 4 quarter clutch shooting from 20ft away (4 o 4) sealed the victory for the Bostonians...