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Coach Gill ALERT.... 4/8/2010  10:48:56 PM


Coach Gill was attempting to catch up his son Carter Gill (They  were at their secret Bat Cave where they practice without telling anyone) and while Coach Gill was catching (and using a mannequin as a fake batter--borrowed from Belk), a ball nipped the mannequins elbow and made the ball deflect into Coach GIlls eye..and blood was present...had to go to the Doctor..he is okay..but..well...lets just say he has a lot of broken blood vessels and his eye is going to look crazy scary for while..he is going to be okay so I guess we can make fun of the mannequin knocked Coach GIll out...Coach GIll, we love ya...please send some photos for all of us to see..

· comment submitted by: Coach don    on 4/11/2010 11:13:05 AM
Coach Gill,

Sorry to hear this, Most of you know Im a martial arts instructor, if you need me to take out the mannequin, Im plenty capable, they are not that fast!


· comment submitted by: Umpire   on 4/9/2010 9:21:45 AM
Wasn't this guy a catcher in little league when he was young?

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