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NEWS ALERT...on the DODGERS/KNIGHTS GAME 4/2/2010  11:44:35 AM

What was going around the league as a wise coaching move by Coach Dazzio (walking two batters and loading the bases) -which turned out to be a game saver was lets say a JOINT decision.....All the applause, high fives and the hugs that Coach Dazzio was given after the game needs to be sent to the one as well who advised Coach Dazzio the idea...  The call came from Assitant Joe McLean., next time you see Coach McLean, tell him ..GOOD CALL....Overall, good Coaching on the Dodgers and the move worked..... Kudos to Dazzio and McLean and the Dodgers ..Nice play Dutton..

· comment submitted by: exceextup   on 4/25/2023 8:28:51 PM
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· comment submitted by: Allyson   on 4/2/2010 3:32:30 PM
Dazzio DOES get the credit! He listened to his assistant coach and made the decisions. McLean has a lot of experience and knows the game...Dazzio made it happen. Well done Dodgers!

· comment submitted by: Spectator   on 4/2/2010 11:49:58 AM
Yes, I saw it...Mclean, great call!!!!!!!!!

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