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Question..What is the call... 3/8/2010  11:11:18 PM

Ok.. what is the call..

Runner on first and second and both runners takes off full speed and batter pops it up (real high)..the Ump calls an Infield Fly Rule ..with both runners running past both bases and heading to 3rd and home they hear the call...

It is dead ball and they automatically get their first and second bases back or the batter is out and the runners are at their own risk even when the call is made by the umpires?  

I have heard both ways that the runners are not automatically sent back and the play is still going..just the announcement is stated and the batter is out..what is the call..this would have to do with a high fly ball to the infield when the runners had the ability to run farther than normal..


confused. and two umpires have stated two different answers.. all in fun but interesting..

· comment submitted by: Bud Selig   on 3/9/2010 9:18:08 AM
yes, if the runners take off on a pop fly with less than two outs and the fielder catches the ball, he can throw to the base and get the runners out since they did not tag up. Infield fly immediately removes the batter (he is out) and therefore the force play at 2nd and 3rd is eliminated. Runners can still advance under normal play conditions, but they are not required to run since the batter was called out.

· comment submitted by: Tom Seaver   on 3/9/2010 8:51:06 AM
But can the infielder throw quickly to the bases and make the extra outs since the runners are so far along in their aggressive base running? or do they get a free pass back to their bases that they started at?

· comment submitted by: Bud Selig   on 3/9/2010 8:19:41 AM
Batter is immediately out once the call is made and the runners are at their own risk. They can tag up if it is caught or they do not have to tag up if the ball hits the ground. Infield fly just removes the force play at 2nd and 3rd by immediatley declaring the batter out. Play still goes on as normal.

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