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Got any bats for sale? what size? please post with contact info 2/19/2010  11:59:45 AM

if anyone has bats that are getting too small and laying around in the garage, please speak up and leave posts here with what you have..many would love the opportunity to buy some of the bats you might have (I am sure there are hundreds not being used)... 

· comment submitted by: dummory   on 11/16/2022 12:39:29 PM
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· comment submitted by: Annonse   on 11/15/2022 11:35:34 AM
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· comment submitted by: enunteste   on 11/13/2022 10:11:07 PM
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· comment submitted by: Chuck   on 4/19/2010 3:02:10 PM
I guess a contact # would have helped!

· comment submitted by: Chuck Schroeder   on 4/19/2010 11:42:41 AM
Got some:
Demarini -10 30", 20oz 2 1/4" barrell
Omaha TPX -12 28", 16oz 2 1/4" barrell
Demarini -13.5 29", 15.5oz 2 1/4" barrell
Easton Stealth -11 29", 18oz 2 1/4" barrell

The Omaha TPX bat is the correct size for the 7yr old league


· comment submitted by: Will   on 3/14/2010 10:39:25 PM
Looking for used 27 inch Miken youth bat for 7 year old.

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