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And The Thunder Rolls...... 4/4/2011  2:18:46 PM

The Thunder swept their weekend schedule at Exchange. A hard fought battle against the Indians on Saturday saw them struggle at the plate but dominate on the mound for the close win. After the poor offensive showing Coach Sawyer had his team at the batting cage until after midnight post game. According to sources Coach Sawyer had considered benching anyone who didnt hit safely in Sunday's game.


The practice worked as Sunday against the Braves they put it all together winning 18-1. Every Thunder batter had a hit and Eli Sawyer had three big drives so we will never know if Coach Sawyer was serious about the benching. The win didn't solve all of the Thunder's problems. Vestavia Village has learned that Tom Cruise sent a cease and desist letter to the Thunder regarding the use of his likeness as the team avatar.

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