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Dodgers Coach Cacace enjoying the Saturday like never before 3/27/2011  3:55:38 AM

Coach Cacace sat behind home plate at Field # 2 for 6 hours after his early morning victory over the Mets.  What once was a rarity on seeing Cacace around the park, turned into a record for the longest time ever a  head coach stayed at the park in one spot (6 hours 31 minutes).  What was interesting was, he tipped his cap with his hand to everyone close to 1200 times ...basking in the glory of taking down the Mets...  He is sunburn now but comments from Dodgers Clubhouse state," Coach Cacace has treated his body with Lotion to reduce the Sunburn but he said it was well worth staying and enjoying the moment"-or might wesay 6 hours!  Although the picture does not show how sunburn he got for staying out there so long, the picture shows the 46th the time he tipped his cap to anyone he could tip his cap to...Rock Star status for the day...Goes to Coach Cacace.. nice win Cacace..nice win

· comment submitted by: Dinga   on 3/27/2011 9:33:01 AM
Gotta love this game...Great win Monistere!

· comment submitted by: Don Monistere   on 3/27/2011 6:59:12 AM
With 17 strikeouts the Monday before, it was more about the way the boys bounced back than the win. I know people will say we may have gone overboard in our celebration some might even say classless, but I never had any to begin with so that's OK and the kids had fun and it was the medicine needed from a complete demorilization the game prior.

I do want this to be heard loud and clear, the mets played an awesome game and kept the pressure on the entire time. Sometimes you have magic in a bottle, and we did at this game. I do not look forward to facing that team again, but as I know we will, finding that bottled up magic will be hard.

So Coach Dinga, great game! and tell your boys that it is hard to play a team when Houdini is in their dugout, but Houdini rarely shows in the same dugout twice.

Se ya next time!


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